0 - Introduction

I created the Platinum & Palladium Printing With Vellum Video Workshop so you can learn the delicate and beautiful process of creating handmade platinum and palladium artwork on translucent vellum paper. 

Vellum unlocks something very special and unique for your buyers and collectors. 

I walk you through the entire process of how to make high-quality platinum and palladium prints using translucent vellum as opposed to regular rag and cotton paper. 

Using this technique, you can unlock a new level of creativity that isn't possible with normal opaque papers. So, if you are a platinum printer looking for something new and innovative, then you are in for a treat. 

Learn how to get unlimited access to every video workshop and eBook in my entire analog photography training library for less than half the cost if you purchased them separately!  

This video workshop is part of my Master Series and I assume you are comfortable making traditional platinum and palladium prints or you have taken my Modern Platinum & Palladium Printmaking With Digital Negatives - Quick Start Guide.

The print you are looking at is Platinum & Palladium printed on acid free vellum and then treated to be nearly transparent. 

I create this print in the workshop and walk you through every step in the process so you know all of the details and the trouble spots to look out for in the process.  

For this version of the print, I backed the vellum with a gold acid free paper to create this unique presentation of this lone walnut tree in Cades Cove, located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

You could go in a number of different directions for presentation because of the translucent nature of this technique and this is what makes this method so powerful. 

In this case, I went with gold because it reminded of that morning in the mountains with the warm morning light and fog breaking over the tree in the valley. 

What Are Photographers Saying About This Workshop?

"I wanted to say how informative I found your videos on vellum printing. For years I’ve wanted to see a demonstration of printing an 8x10 picture on Canson. Your videos were clear, concise, comprehensive and a pleasure to watch. I’ve been working in PD/Pd for years. Now in addition to my small prints on Canson and Bienfang 360, I plan to tackle larger prints using your videos." - Betsy Crowell, John Davidson Gallery 

I include 11 HD Videos detailing every part of the process, starting with coating your vellum with the platinum and palladium sensitizer all the way through to making the vellum transparent for a unique and compelling final presentation. 

Learn how to get unlimited access to every video workshop and eBook in my entire analog photography training library for less than half the cost if you purchased them separately!  

Movie 1 - Introduction & Materials Overview 

Movie 2 - Layout Considerations & Techniques 

Movie 3 - Demonstration of How to Effectively Coat Vellum With Your Pt/Pd Sensitizer 

Movie 4 - Drying & Exposing Your Sensitized Vellum Tips & Technique

Movie 5 - Developing Your Vellum Pt/Pd Print & Handling Tips

Movie 6 - Clearing & Archival Processing of Your Vellum Pt/Pd Print 

Movie 7 - Blotting & Beginning The Drying Process

Movie 8 - Flattening Your Dried Vellum Pt/Pd Print 

Movie 9 - Transforming Your Semi-Transparent Vellum Pt/Pd Print Into a Transparent Piece of Art

Movie 10 - Overview of Special Backing Techniques For Innovate Presentation Options

Movie 11 - Summary & Final Thoughts 

I also include documents detailing the materials needed and drop count formulas for coating your vellum. 

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