1 - Introduction & Overview


If you have ever wanted to take control of your black-and-white creative process, develop your own black-and-white film, and make handmade darkroom prints, then this is the course for you.

Get immediate access to all of the course materials, including a 50-page course training guide and 12 HD videos for 3 hours of impactful training.  

Everything you need to know to expose and develop black and white film and make handmade darkroom prints is included in this comprehensive video workshop.

I gently guide you through the entire process of exposing, developing, and making darkroom prints from beginning to end. With over 30 years of experience, I can save you a lot of time and help you from making unnecessary mistakes. Even if you are already developing film and making prints, the insights and tips that I share in this course will help take your skills to the next level. 


"My experience with darkroom goes back to the late 90's. I needed a refresher since I have not been in a darkroom in 10 years. Tim's Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography Video Workshop is easy to follow, very detailed, and very affordable. With this workshop, you will see that getting your hands wet in a photographic darkroom is not something to be scared off, as Tim shows/explains in very plain language. Knowing something is one thing, and teaching that is another. Not everyone can teach what they know. If you are considering learning darkroom or need a very good refresher, I highly doubt you will find anything better. I am certain you will not find it at this price." 

-Gokhan Cukurova, Illinois

"I have been a bit wary of video workshops, but having watched Tim's YouTube channel I decided to take the plunge. I'm glad I did. I have been looking at getting back into the darkroom (or bathroom) recently and so decided to buy the Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography video workshop to refresh my memory. I watched all the videos back to back. Brilliant. It felt like a one-on-one class, no jostling with ten other students for the tutor's attention. I did a couple of photography courses a few years ago and both had darkroom modules. Neither course was as beneficial as this workshop and for a fraction of the price.

I found all the videos to be useful, even if you are proficient in an area the workshop covers, being walked through it and seeing it from another point of view is very helpful. Explaining that you print for highlights and adjust the shadows with the contrast filters and the printed examples of this technique was a personal highlight. I thought including videos of the camera, negative and exposure made it more than just a darkroom workshop. It was a condensed and simplified version of the Adams trilogy on film (or digital video).

If you have been put off the Ansel Adams series or other books on this subject then this course should give you the basics and the confidence to tackle those books and experiment with more advanced techniques. And the printouts that are made available are excellent additions. Looking forward to growing some flowers now! And will definitely consider buying another workshop in the future. Recommended." -Jon Ford, UK

"I just finished Intro to B+W Darkroom Workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of experience level. Photography like music or any other art form requires practice. Tim’s workshops will help get the technical details out of the way so making art becomes your primary focus. Already signed up for the Floral Still Life class and plan to take both the Split Grade Printing and the Advanced Printing classes." -Pete Moraitis, Kansas City 

"The Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography class has a wealth of information regarding the camera, film, exposure, chemicals and of course darkroom procedures. This class is well worth the money and you won't be disappointed. I am now looking forward to the quarterly Darkroom Underground Magazine. Thank you, Tim, for all the information and for answering any questions I had regarding the course.” -Gary Brewer, USA


I share important insights and tips about the exposure and development process that will help you make consistent images that meet your creative vision. By understanding the technical underpinnings, you are able to exercise your creativity and create the type of black and white artwork that you have always wanted to be able to do.

Film-based images are definitely different than digitally-captured images that were converted to black and white. Film images are full of emotion and character because of the analog process. Even if you want to expose your black and white images on film and scan them, this course unlocks the mystery to creating consistently good exposures and provides you the step-by-step process to develop your back and white negative films. 

If you have ever wanted to take control of your creative process and develop your own black and white film and prints, this is the course for you.  


Movie # 1 - Introduction & Welcome to B&W Darkroom Photography (Review of Materials & Supplies)

Movie # 2 - Discussion and review of 35mm and 120 Medium format film camera options

Movie # 3 - Technique to get good exposures with roll film without performing technical film testing

Movie # 4 - Development techniques and process for developing B&W film at home (expose for shadows and develop for highlights)

Movie # 5 - Choosing a developer for your B&W film

Movie # 6 - Field Event - Expose B&W film and discuss my creative and technical choices real time in the field.  

Movie # 7 - Demonstration - Step-by-step of how to develop B&W film at home

Movie # 8 - Discussion - How to read a film negative and make future adjustments to your exposure and/or development processes.

Movie # 9 - Demonstration - How to establish your printing DMAX (max black) in the darkroom and standard printing time for your film and paper combination. 

Movie # 10 - Demonstration - How to make a contact proof sheet in the darkroom and select good candidates for printing.

Movie # 11 - Demonstration - Step-by-Step process of how to make a darkroom print using variable contrast filters and incorporate dodging and burning to enhance your prints.

Movie # 12 - Summary and discussion of ideas for further exploration.  


I include a time/temp development reference chart to help you identify the proper development time when you temperature varies. I provide a copy of my personal darkroom printing record that we use in the course so that you can print copies for yourself and use in your own darkroom. I also include a copy of the Ilford HP5+ technical specification. 


  • The desire to learn and create beautiful b&w darkroom prints
  • Any 35mm or 120 medium format film camera and film to create exposures
  • B&W film of your choice (I demonstrate Ilford HP5+ in the workshop)
  • A space to develop film and make darkroom prints if desired

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