00 - Welcome

I created this comprehensive video workshop on how to design and build your own DIY UV printer for alternative printmaking so you can save a ton of money over a commercial unit and have total control over your process.

This UV printer is based on classic fluorescent lighting technology, and I personally favor the BLB (Black Light Bulb) type of light.

I am really excited to share my DIY UV Printer video course for alternative photographers with you because it means you will be making more handmade analog prints and getting them out into the world.

You Get Immediate Access to start designing and building your UV printer today. The video course can be watched online via your web browser or you can download all 33 of the HD videos for access anywhere at any time.

Sections Included in the Course:

Welcome & Introduction

Why Build Your Own UV Printer?

Materials List

Tools List

What to Expect

General Design Considerations

How to Read UV Lamp Data

Ballast Rating and Selection

Distance of Lights from Printing Frame

Spacing Between Lights

Placement of Ballasts

Types of UV Lights

Narrowing the Field of UV Light Sources

Exposure Time Considerations

Contrast Control

Light Wavelength

Operating Tips

Building the Printer Step-by-Step

Testing the Printer

Summary and Thank You


Movie 0 - Welcome & Introduction

Movie 1 - Why Build Your Own UV Printer

Movie 2 - Example Prints

Movie 3 - Materials List

Movie 4 - What to Expect

Movie 5 - How to Read UV Lamp Info

Movie 6 - Ballast Selection

Movie 7 - Design Considerations

Movie 8 - Distance of Lighting

Movie 9 - Spacing of Lights

Movie 10 - Placement of Ballasts

Movie 11 - Types of UV Lights

Movie 12 - Contrast Control

Movie 13 - UV Light Spectrum

Movie 14 - BL vs. BLB

Movie 15 - General Tips

Movie 16 - Starting the Building Process

Movie 17 - Cutting Top and Bottom Pieces

Movie 18 - Cutting the Side Pieces

Movie 19 - Building the Printer Box

Movie 20 - Caulking and Painting

Movie 21 - Painting Tips

Movie 22 - Top Board Layout

Movie 23 - Layout Lamp Supports

Movie 24 - Constructing the Lamp Supports

Movie 25 - Drilling Pilot Holes

Movie 26 - Math For Spacing Lamp Holders

Movie 27 - Change of Plans

Movie 28 - Electrical Wiring

Movie 29 - Holder and Spacing Electrical Wiring

Movie 30 - Mounting Top of Printer

Movie 31 - Finish Hinges and Timer

Movie 32 - Congrats and Thank You

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